About Us

Who we are?

Marabu Rootz Food Pvt Ltd., has been established with a vision to become India’s reliable, innovative and trusted company with its dedicated focus on Packaged Traditional foods manufactured using customary ingredients.

Marabu Rootz Food ensures to maintain the original sanctity and features of traditional ingredients during the process of manufacture.

Our Vision & Mision

Our Vision

To become India’s trusted traditional Food Brand.

Our Mission

To ensure that packaged ready to cook traditional foods are made available at affordable prices.

Why marabufood?

Traditional Foods are foods that were consumed thought history before the modernization and industrialization of the food supply. These foods are not only free from additives, chemicals and many of the things we find in food today, but they were exceptionally nourishing. Traditional foods are healthy for the locals who have been consuming it for a considerable decades.

Our traditional roots food are our cultural inheritance. Our ancestors and older generations have had a much healthy life-span in spite of lack of modern amenities. They lived in joint families, shared knowledge, spent hours & days together in preparing healthy supplements and foods to be given to girls, boys and nursing mothers , so that they grow healthy and remain strong.

However, modernization  created nuclear families and working atmosphere for both parents. We are forced to miss out all those valuable supplements that our grandparents had. Most of these preparations take more than 8 hours of cooking time and not all ingredients are accessible to all ladies to prepare them easily at home.


Cold Pressed Edible Oils like Sesame Oil, Groundnut Oil, Coconut Oil,  Castor Oil, & Other Products  like Coffee and Tea Premixes with Ginger, Cardamom, Masala, and many more traditional foods. 


The one and only objective of Marabu Rootz Food Pvt Ltd is to promote traditional food of respective States in India. It will be achieved through following micro plans,

  1.  Find- out the traditional foods of various locations of India.
  2.  Find out the reasons for their exit from the system.
  3.  Shorten the cooking time by formulating them as ready to cook products.
  4.  Bring in to the market in every village/town/city at affordable price.

Marabu Rootz Food has an employee strength who are well qualified and experienced in the field of traditional foods. Nevertheless, being a company, which just started up it’s commercial operations would reach out to various Food Research Institutes in India, Researchers, Volunteer Organizations for Support and promote Traditional Food.


If you have knowledge, interest and innovation inside you and urge to connect to people and their cultures by researching on the forgotten traditional foods, then we believe Marabu Rootz Food is the perfect platform for your dreams. We are aspiring company and your passion will enable us to grow together to achieve the mission beneficial for all generations. To be part of Marabu Food, please send us your resume to : admin@marabufood.com

We also Appeal all those reading this, even though you may not be directly working with us, but share us any information that you think would be relevant to our products so that we can do more research and bring back those forgotten foods which you may want to have once again in your home.

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